The Last Starfighter (comics) are a collection of comic books released after the film of the same name.


There were four The Last Starfighter issues released by Marvel Comics. The story in the Marvel comics follows the movie directly with a few minor changes and additions. Sadly, the comics suffer from a lack of internal consistency, evidenced directly by certain obvious errors such as Starlite Starbrite spelled as such on one page and as "Starlight Starbright" on another, and Alex referring to the arcade game of "The Last Starfighter," as the arcade game was simply called "Starfighter" and the word "last" refers to Alex Rogan being the only remaining starfighter after the others are killed in the Kodan attack on Starfighter Command.


  • The Last Starfighter (Marvel Super Special No. 31)
  • The Last Starfighter #1 (October 1984)
  • The Last Starfighter #2 (November 1984)
  • The Last Starfighter #3 (December 1984)